Tweaking Facebook Publicize

Several days ago I complained to JetPack that their “Facebook Publicize” was not working. They did some tests and told me that it is working fine. That was quite a while ago, and when I tested it again it still was not working. I decided that maybe I should change the theme I have been using – maybe there is a conflict there.

So I came online today with the intention of changing the theme, but before I did that I saw that there was an update to the JetPack plug-in. I’ve installed the update and I’m going to publish this post in the hope that this post WILL cross-post to Facebook and all will be fixed. Then I saw on a forum some suggestions to delete the publicize setting in this blog, then go into Facebook and delete the wordpress app, then go back into this blog and activate the publicize setting again.

I’ve tried that now, and am now going to publish this post and hope like crazy it works! This has been very annoying!