No doubt about it – I was born too soon

I have always felt that I was born to the wrong generation. There are opportunities available to women today that were simply not available to me when I was young enough to take advantage of them to pursue the career I wanted. Women of following generations have so many more opportunities available, and I am glad for them. Sometimes it is hard to not resent the fact that I was prevented from following my dreams at every turn. I can only hope there really is reincarnation, so that maybe in my next life I will be able to do the things I was prevented from doing in this lifetime.

I love this video! I hope you enjoy it too!

Learned How to Create a YouTube Video using PowerPoint

Today I learned how to create a YouTube Video using PowerPoint. I used a PowerPoint slide presentation I had made last fall, promoting the community service Jefferson VA Ruritan Club, and set it to music, uploaded it, and have to admit that for a first attempt, it came out pretty good! I hope I can remember how to do that in the future, so I can do things like this to help the other Ruritan Clubs in the future!

Here is the video I made today. I hope you enjoy it!

A little seasonal silliness

For the most part this personal blog has shown the serious side of me, but today I decided to share with you a silly seasonal video I found a few moments ago on YouTube.

It is called Macareindeer, and it is a JibJab video. I hope it brings a smile to your face, if only for a moment. Yes, It is silly. Sometimes we all need to be silly for a while. Embrace the moment, and share the silliness.

Things not to say to your wife

Earlier today I was repairing some broken links on one of my blogs. One of the broken links was for a YouTube video from Jim Stafford’s song “Spiders and Snakes.” While I was trying to find a working video to use to replace the broken link I came across this funny video titled “Things not to say to your wife.” Well, I just had to listen to it, and it made me laugh. I thought I’d share it here, hoping it might bring a smile to the face of anyone who might stumble across my blog and give a lookie-loo. I hope you enjoy it!