This Glass Keeps Its Cool – and Its Hot

Before I ordered this glass online, I saw a photograph of it, and a description. The explanation that it was double-walled, and insulated, made of a special glass, piqued my interest. The shape of the glass, with the contour that allowed for a hand to wrap around it comfortably, was an additional feature that appealed to me. Ever since the accident I was in several years ago that injured both of my hands, I have found it painful to use my hands to hold things. Maybe this glass would be easier to hold.

Given the option of several different sizes to order, I decided on the 12 ounce size. Most of the glasses in my cupboard are either 6, 8, or 16 ounces, and none of them are usually the “perfect size” for how much I actually want to drink! I thought that a 12 ounce size just might do the trick.

Serafino Glass (photo credit Linda Bradshaw)
Serafino Glass (photo credit Linda Bradshaw)

When the box arrived on the porch, I was very excited to open it and check out the glasses. Upon inspection of the outside of the box, I saw that the box mentions that it is oven safe, microwave safe, and freezer safe. The box does not say that it is dishwasher safe! Disappointed, I did some research on Amazon and saw that their descriptions of the glass indicate it is, in fact, dishwasher safe. I wondered why the box does not say that.

The first couple of days I had the glasses, I only used one. The same one, for everything I drank. Cold soda or milk, hot tea, hot chocolate. Never any condensation, never too hot or too cold. And, the glass did seem to keep the cold beverages colder longer than traditional glasses, and my hot beverages hotter longer than traditional mugs. The glass was never too cold, or too hot, to hold comfortably.

I really like how the glass looks. Very exotic! The size is perfect for the portions of drink that I enjoy. I washed the glass by hand for the first three days, and then I decided that I would put it through the dishwasher. I was afraid that it might not survive, but it did. Now I have run it through the dishwasher every time I wash the dishes, and so far the glass has survived just fine.

I noticed some of the reviews on Amazon were great reviews, and some were terrible reviews. Some claimed their glasses chipped, broke, or did not survive washing. I have not had this glass for months, I have only had it a couple of weeks. But, so far, so good. I like it. If someone were to ask me if I would recommend it, my answer would be “yes.” I don’t know where one can buy these locally – shopping options where I live are very limited, as I live in a rural area, and the stores that I would expect to carry it are over an hour’s drive from my house. That is why I order a lot of things online, instead of buying locally.

Necessary Evil

Had to do some grocery shopping today, and went to Wal-Mart. I’m not a big fan of shopping at Wal-Mart, but there is no place in this particular town that has better prices on most of the things that I need, and I am on a tight budget. Since I don’t drive anymore, it is a challenge to get people to take me shopping, and going to Wal-Mart is a “one-stop” shopping experience for the most part. (Except I don’t use their pharmacy – I don’t like waiting hours and hours when I can get my prescription filled in ten minutes or less at the Rite-Aid down the street!)

I like using their Savings-Catcher app on my iPhone – it really saves a lot of money. (Since I signed up for the Savings Catcher, it has refunded me over $141.00!) If you shop at Wal-Mart, I encourage you to use the Savings Catcher program! You can use it on your smartphone, or your computer (if you have Internet access.)

But I digress. I was disappointed today to find expired ham steaks in their meat department. I wanted to buy some ham steaks, and was looking for a brand that was not Smithfield Farms brand. I’ve seen some disturbing videos about Smithfield brand pork, (if you want to understand why, you can watch the YouTube Video below) and I’m trying to avoid buying that brand. I don’t know for sure that the other brands are better, but this video disturbed me on many levels, so I am trying to avoid supporting that company. Anyway, they had a different brand, but the freshness date had expired three weeks ago! There was a meat department employee nearby, and I called out to him. He came over, and I pointed out the expired meat, and he removed it from the case. I wondered how many people buy stuff like this without checking the freshness date on the package? I almost didn’t check the date, myself!

So, note to self – always check the freshness date on meats, dairy, eggs, etc at the grocery store! Even if it is a store other than Wal-Mart!

The Lights Were On But Nobody Was There

WalMart checkout lanes
WalMart checkout lanes

One Saturday, sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I needed to go grocery shopping. I managed to get someone to drive me to the local Wal-Mart to pick up what I needed. When it was time to go through the check-out lines, I noticed that the lights were on at every register, which is supposed to mean that the customer can use any register to check-out. So I found a lane where there were no customers waiting in line, and unloaded my very full cart onto the conveyor belt. I noticed that there was no cashier standing at the register, but that has happened before, and within a few moments of my arriving at the counter someone has always magically appeared. My assumptions were that the cashier had simply been speaking with another employee nearby.

After unloading my cart, I saw the cashier had not yet arrived, so I started to look around to see where the cashier could be. At that time I noticed that there were a LOT of cash registers with their lights on, with no employee standing nearby! That started to make me wonder what was going on. After waiting about five minutes, I decided to turn on the switch that is on the post beside the cash register that makes the lights flash, to get the attention of management that someone at that register needs help.

After about another five minutes, the front-end supervisor responded to the flashing light, and demanded of me “where is the cashier?” I responded “That’s what I’d like to know – I have been waiting for ten minutes and no one has shown up. The light is on, showing the register is open, but there is nobody here at the register, and I would like to check-out!”

A nearby cashier heard me talking to the front-end supervisor, and she called out “I can take you here at my register!”

I replied “no thank you, I have already unloaded my cart and am not interested in loading it back up again and then unloading it at another register! This register is supposed to be open, and I came here in good faith to check-out. I want to be checked-out here!”

The front-end supervisor frowned for a moment, and then explained “we have all of the lights on to fool corporate headquarters into thinking all the registers are open, but we are short-handed so there are a lot of registers that are unmanned right now.”

I replied “that’s a shame, and I feel badly for you, but if that is the case you should have a sign here on the conveyor belt indicating that the register is closed and to please choose another lane. I want to be checked out here.”

The front-end supervisor nodded her head, and then said she would ring up my order. She did a fine job, up until it was time to give me my change. I had paid cash, and she gave me less change than what I was supposed to get. Fortunately for me I caught that error and called it to her attention before she closed her cash drawer, so she corrected it. Interestingly enough, that was the fourth time that week that I had gone into a local business and paid cash for my purchase and was short-changed by the cashier.

I found myself wondering if the cashiers were trying to take advantage of the customers that pay cash, and short-changing them on purpose, thinking that during this busy holiday season the customers would not bother to count their change. One of the instances was at a restaurant, where a tip was appropriate. The service was bad, but I normally tip anyway. I normally tip 20%, but because I was short-changed, (by several dollars, not just loose change) the waitress got a much smaller tip (15%) than I was planning to give her! I figured that the money she had short-changed me more than made up the difference.

I Certainly Didn’t See That Coming!

I came across this journal entry earlier today, and to be perfectly honest, I had completely forgotten about this incident! After reading it again today, the memory has come back to me as fresh as if it had happened yesterday, and I want to share it with my friends now. I think it might bring you a chuckle, especially if you know my dear mother.

If my mother is reading my Facebook page, I think she will remember this, and I hope will have a good laugh right along with the rest of us! This absolutely, really, and truly happened!

Sometime in May, 2012:

My mother was bored with being pent-up in the house. She told me that she wanted to get out, and asked me to go with her somewhere – anywhere. So we went shopping at the local Wal-Mart to buy some new shoes, pick up some kitty litter, and a water bottle for the travel cage for our two new kittens.

As we were walking through the aisles, we saw a little boy grab hold of a very large ball from one of the end caps. He lost control of the ball (it was almost as big as he was!) and the ball started to bounce towards us. As we kept walking in the direction of the ball and the little boy (and his mother, who was quite annoyed with him for having grabbed the ball in the first place and his grandmother who was just watching, quite amused) I was planning to bend down, scoop up the ball and put it back into the basket on the end cap.

Ball (free clip art)
Ball (free clip art)

Much to my surprise, my mother quickened her pace and reached the ball before me. Without saying a word, she gave the ball a little kick towards the little boy. Before anyone could react, that ball was airborne!

That ball bounced off of the top of that little boy’s head and right into his mother’s arms! I sure wished that I had a video camera rolling right then! That would have been a viral YouTube video for sure! There was dead silence for just a second, then suddenly (thankfully) all of the adults started laughing like crazy.

people laughing (free clip art)
people laughing (free clip art)

Then my mother cried out “I’m so sorry (amid poorly stifled peals of laughter) I didn’t mean to hit you in the head!” The boy just looked shocked; I don’t think he knew what to do!

high five (free clip art)
high five (free clip art)

But all of the other adults that had seen it happen just kept laughing and laughing.

As we kept walking towards the family, the mother said “I’m sure he’s fine.” As we walked past the grandmother, she looked straight at us, said “good one,” held out her hand and gave my mother a high-five! I never heard a peep out of that little boy the entire time. What a riot!

What is all of this brew-ha-ha?

When I was looking through the seasonal aisle at Rite Aid yesterday I was surprised to see gift boxes of brewing supplies on the bottom shelf of the gift aisle! I was there to buy some of those holiday books of Lifesavers Candy. While there I also found some inexpensive paper gift tags that look like real ornaments that I decided to buy, and some plastic and/or metal small ornaments. I was glad to find them – I can hang on the tree this year without fear of the pets getting hurt or ruining anything of great sentimental value this year.

I don’t really understand the urge that so many people appear to have about making their own beer. Seems like a trendy thing, to be having a party at your place and then pulling out some bottles with your own special labels on them. Bottles of beer complete with descriptions about whether it is a stout, or an ale, or whatever else you can make with the brewing supplies that seem to be on the shelves of every store in America this Christmas Season.

One of the things that I was looking for this year that I could not find (but have seen there in years past) are those small cushions filled with tiny micro-beads that I need to buy. Several years ago one of my sons had bought one for me as a gift, and it is the perfect cushion for me to sleep with my left arm across it at night – having it there relieves the pressure on my shoulder. The kittens had poked holes in the one he gave me and it was leaking micro-beads out all over the place, so I put it in a larger pillow case to contain the beads that were spilling out, but I’d really like to buy a new one.