Translation Services Are Growing In Importance

I can remember in High School, I decided to take Spanish as my foreign language. Back then, we could only choose between French and Spanish. My high school counselor advised me to take Spanish, saying that the experts projected that more people from Hispanic countries were going to be settling into the area, and that I would actually find myself using Spanish in real life on a daily basis, whereas chances of me using French on a daily basis were less likely.

I can remember for a time, after graduating High School, working at Levitz Furniture in Merrifield (yes, the one that got hit by a tornado on April 1, 1973.) I was one of the “Front Office Girls” and one of our duties was to call customers when their special order had arrived, and arrange for the customer to either come and pick up their order, or to arrange for a delivery date. There were quite a few times that some of my co-workers were making those phone calls while I was waiting on customers at the counter, and they would end up asking me to come provide my translation services to the customer that they had on the telephone.

I was quite pleased to be able to remember enough of my High School Spanish to be able to talk with those customers to let them know that their order had arrived. Unfortunately, my Spanish language skills got very rusty when I lived in New England for twenty-nine years! I regret not keeping up with the language. I’ve tried several times to find some affordable courses in the area that would help me to refresh my skills. There have been many times since we moved back here from New England that I wished I could speak Spanish more fluently! I think that the demand for translation services in this area are going to continue to grow!

5 Must Have Items for Homeschooling

5 Must Have Items for Homeschooling

Homeschooling has become much more popular for families all over the world. Parents and kids alike like to have the option to completely control their own day and create a plan that will help children reach their highest potential. Additionally, there are so many more resources available to help families with every homeschooling need and want. Parents can take advantage of these resources to create the best homeschooling environment for their kids. But what resources do children actually need for homeschooling?

There are a lot of homeschooling options available for parents to choose from. Parents need to make sure that they choose the path that not only fits best with their children’s needs and goals, but also coincides with the parent’s values and ideas for their children. For these reasons, the details of what each family with need for homeschooling with differ slightly. That being said, there are a few tools that every family will need in order to succeed when homeschooling. Here are five must have items for homeschooling.

Plastic tubs for organization

Homeschooling parents will quickly realize that there are a lot of supplies needed to home school their children. From pencils to duct tape, there are a lot of little things that can get lost or misplaced in the house that children will need for homeschooling. Parents should invest in some plastic tubs to store these things and keep everything organized.

A reliable internet connection

Using the internet has become a regular part of every home-schooled child’s day. There are so many resources and tools on the internet that parents can use to ensure their kids are getting the best education all year long. Parents can use frontier communications in Oregon to ensure that their kids will have a fast, safe and reliable internet connection throughout the school day.

A digital bookmark timer

Staying focused and on task at home can be difficult for some children to do when being homeschooled. There are some great tools parents can use to keep their children focused and productive throughout the day. One of these tools is a digital bookmark timer that can allow parents to track their children progress in a book and give them goals to work towards.

A globe

Every child will need to do some work learning geography and other things about the world around them. Parents can help their children get a better view with a classic tool. A globe is still one of the best ways to help kids understand the world around them. Globes are also a great addition to have in the home for parents as well, getting everyone excited about experiencing more of the planet.

Educational games

Every child will need a brain break every once in a while. Parents can help keep their kids learning while still giving them a small break from the normal homeschool routine. educational games are a great way for families to have fun learning together and to help kids see how much fun learning can be.

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Musings on High School Graduations

graduation cap (free clip art)
graduation cap (free clip art)

I’ve only been to four high school graduations. My own, and my kids’ graduations. Up until last week, when I was invited to attend the graduation of one of my nieces. Since my last kid’s high school graduation was in 2006, I had anticipated a level of electronic advancement and sophistication that would knock my socks off!

My kid’s graduation ceremonies were held in a large college auditorium. My niece’s graduation ceremony was held outdoors, in the school’s football field.

My kid’s graduating classes were smaller than my niece’s class, so there was time for more entertainment, which included extraordinarily superb live music and videos. Scholarships and awards were handed out during the ceremonies. Apparently scholarships and awards from my niece’s school were handed out previously during a convocation ceremony. The

There were many differences between the ceremonies, which really surprised me. But there were a few common threads – the kids went up on stage to receive their diplomas, and even though the audience was requested to NOT cheer for individual students, and to hold their applause until EVERYONE got their diploma, every single graduate that walked across the stage WAS cheered by their family and friends. And, as usual, the people that were the most vocal, both in frequency and volume, sat right behind ME. Seriously, people, screaming “Boo-Ya” every 90 seconds throughout the entire ceremony was really over the top! I really wished that there had been some type of security to come and escort those people out of the stadium!

I still have a migraine, and it has been a week since it happened! I hope to never have to go to another High School Graduation ceremony again!


Blast from the Past

1954 Chevy Bel Air
1954 Chevy Bel Air

When I was sixteen, my parents gave me a used car for me to drive to and from school, work, and for my social life. By “gave me” I mean that the car was in my step-mother’s name, but she let me use it exclusively. I loved that car dearly. It was a year older than I was, but it was a “cool car.” It was a 1954 4 door hard top Bel-AireChevrolet with PowerGlide Transmission. It looked a lot like the photograph included in this post (although it is not the exact same car.)

Back then, the kids at school at given me a nickname – “Ted” and the car quickly became know around school as “Ted’s Tank.” When a vandal broke off the radio antennae, I replaced it with a hand-made peace symbol fashioned out of light blue coat hangers. Owning that car made me “almost cool” at my school, and I was so sad when my parents sold it after I had managed to purchase a new car in my own name after I turned 18.

Forest Fires Prevent Bears
Forest Fires Prevent Bears

Anyhow, I had managed to purchase some bumper stickers to place on the back of the car (and purchased some duplicates just in case they ever needed to be replaced. Today I was rummaging around my craft room, looking for my crochet hooks. I looked inside an old yarn bag, and much to my surprise, I found two of those “spare” bumper stickers that I had purchased back when I was 16! Boy, did those bumper stickers bring back some memories of my high school days, and all of the fun that my friends and I had in that car.

Fire Drill (free clip art)
Fire Drill (free clip art)
(Like playing “Fire Drill” while driving down the entire length of Arlington Boulevard from Vienna to Arlington while driving my friend Alice home after a day of visiting and having fun with our mutual friend Shan and my brother Steve. Oh, the memories!)

Not knowing what will ever happen to these little gems, I have decided to scan them into my computer and post them here on my blog, which will post to Facebook, for posterity. I imagine if any of my old school chums happen to see the post it just might bring a smile to their face!

Preserve Wild Life Throw a Party
Preserve Wild Life Throw a Party

Conrad’s hot dog stand

When I attended high school in Vienna, James Madison High School “looked the other way” when the seniors would skip out to lunch. The school administrators would say that they “frowned upon students leaving campus during lunch” but to the best of my knowledge no one was ever punished for doing so. There were several near-by places that the kids could go. McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, or a little place called Conrad’s. To be perfectly honest I never skipped out during lunch – I was one of those “goody-goody two shoes” that always followed the rules.

Although my parents were always suspicious of my integrity, I was not about to break any rules. The consequences of getting caught doing something wrong was to be grounded for several months and believe me, for a teenage girl, being grounded for several months was a fate worse than death!

When I finally DID go to Conrad’s hot dog stand, it was in the late fall, on a weekend, on a date. Conrad’s was an older looking building, there were no tables inside to sit down and eat. Instead, it was one of those types of establishments where you walked up to a sliding window and placed your order, paid for the food and then you stood aside for a few minutes while your food was cooked, and then you went to the pick-up window. Much like many ice cream stands. You could eat at one of the picnic tables outside, or you sat in your car.

Now when I travel down the Main Street of Vienna, I wonder whatever happened to Conrad’s. Is it still there? If not, when did it cease to exist? What is there now? If I was not the passenger of the car, and not in a hurry, I think I’d like to drive past where it used to be and take a look-see. But you know what? I probably would drive right past the place and not even know it. The place was on a side street and it was over forty years ago. It’s probably a 7-Eleven now.