Busy busy busy

Unfortunately I have been too busy to keep posts coming on this little blog of mine. There just are not enough hours in the day! Rumors were that Google was going to be sending out another major Panda update by the end of November. If it did do that, I can’t see where it made any difference in my Page Ranks, so I guess I should just breathe a big sigh of relief over that.

One of the blog broker companies that I have been working with for about four years has suddenly gone quiet. I’m not sure if I’ve angered them so that they will never give me any work again, but I have been out “beating the bushes” looking for other sources of income. Doing my local networking thing has mixed results, my relatives think I am wasting my time networking with the local people, but I’d like to think that somewhere down the line I will meet someone who will find my skills to be exactly what he/she is looking for to help them grow their business and we will create a wonderful synergy that will astonish all of the critics that don’t understand the value of having a correctly coded well designed website and to actively market it. Having a website just sitting on a server, without ever updating it, without marketing it is a sad waste of resources. And yet that is what so many of the local companies are doing.

I’ve always loved horses but I do wonder if I will ever get these horses that I’m leading to water to drink, or if they will all just perish because they don’t believe that the water I am leading them to will quench their thirst. I guess time will tell.