Painting memories

Hand painted backsplash tile - strawberries
Hand painted backsplash tile – strawberries

I was rummaging around the basement, looking for a few things to take to the craft and lawn sale happening next month at the Community Center. I came across a box with a few kitchen backsplash tiles in it, and it brought back some memories from when I had the leisure time to paint. I haven’t painted since the school bus accident a few years ago, it hurts to hold a paint brush, so these memories of better days when I could do my One Stroke decorative painting whenever I wanted to paint are bitter-sweet.

A few years ago my mother-in-law decided to buy some new tiles from a local home improvement store to use as a back-splash all around her kitchen. She asked me to paint strawberries on them, to coordinate with her wallpaper.

That was my very first time painting on tiles! When I gave the finished tiles to my mother-in-law, she was thrilled! It would be very easy to glue some felt and ribbons to something like that to make a pretty gift! Or to glue cork to the back of it, put a couple of coats of extra-heat resistant finish on it and use it for a coaster or trivet.

I recently heard that my mother-in-law has re-done her entire kitchen. I wonder if the tiles are still there, or if they have been replaced with something else.