Did it work?

OK, peeps, I sent in a request for help through Jetpack support, telling them that I was having issues with the Facebook Publicize. This was part of their response, telling me what the problem is, and what to do to fix it.

“In your case, Facebook is not accepting your post for publication due to the open graph errors that you mentioned on your latest blog post. These are happening because you have the All-In-One SEO plugin installed, but it isn’t setup for adding social tags.

Since Facebook doesn’t like duplicate Open Graph tags either, Jetpack automatically disables our Open Graph tags to avoid any conflict when a plugin, like All-in-One is installed. But since we aren’t providing the tags nor is All-In-One, Facebook isn’t happy.

You can resolve this by either setting up All-In-One to insert Open Graph tags or you can install this plugin to reactivate Jetpack’s: https://wordpress.org/plugins/always-use-jetpack-open-graph/

Once either of those are done, the tags should return to your site and your site should publicize to Facebook as expected, based on the debugging information on our end.”


I looked at the All-in-One plug-in settings to see if I could modify it to add social tags, but I couldn’t find anywhere that I could do that.  I’m feeling pretty stupid at this point! So, that “All-in-One” plug-in that has been so highly recommended by so many people may be the culprit!


I have installed the “Always Use Jetpack Open Graph” plug-in that the Jetpack support recommended, and activated it. I am HOPING that will take care of the issue! Once I hit “Publish” I will go to Facebook and see if it appears or not. I hope it did! Wish me luck! If it works, I’ll add a “YAY it worked” comment below the appearing post!

Tweaking Facebook Publicize

Several days ago I complained to JetPack that their “Facebook Publicize” was not working. They did some tests and told me that it is working fine. That was quite a while ago, and when I tested it again it still was not working. I decided that maybe I should change the theme I have been using – maybe there is a conflict there.

So I came online today with the intention of changing the theme, but before I did that I saw that there was an update to the JetPack plug-in. I’ve installed the update and I’m going to publish this post in the hope that this post WILL cross-post to Facebook and all will be fixed. Then I saw on a forum some suggestions to delete the publicize setting in this blog, then go into Facebook and delete the wordpress app, then go back into this blog and activate the publicize setting again.

I’ve tried that now, and am now going to publish this post and hope like crazy it works! This has been very annoying!

One more time – test of Facebook Publicize plug-in

The third test was published to Facebook through a service called Networked blogs, not through the Facebook Publicize plug-in. This is the fourth test of the Facebook Publicize plug-in, which is part of the Jetpack plug-in by WordPress. Hopefully this one will work, as the Jetpack support folks say they think it should be working now. Testing… anda 1 anda 2 anda 3 anda 4….

This is a test of the Blog-Facebook Publicize Jetpack feature

From time to time the Jetpack plug-in feature that is supposed to automatically publish posts on my blog to Facebook seems to stop working. This seems to have happened a couple of days ago. I wrote a post and published it, expecting it to cross-post to Facebook. It does not seem to have happened. This is a test-post to see if the Jetpack plug-in feature is working.