I have a brother with hemophilia, and two nephews with hemophilia. I used to have a third nephew with hemophilia, but he died from AIDS a while back because of tainted blood products received when he was just seven years old. He died when he was nineteen.
I am very fortunate to have two sons that do NOT have hemophilia, but I am very aware of the challenges that face the person who has hemophilia. Recently I changed careers and have become an independent life insurance agent. One of my carriers will cover hemophiliacs over the age of 40. Not just accidental death, but WHOLE LIFE with NO MEDICAL exam. As long as they are not in a nursing home, they will be covered.   I’m fairly sure that most people within the hemophiliac community do not know that this is available.
I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to bring this insurance to the hemophiliac community.
They can buy this fantastic life insurance through me, or I can refer you to someone else in your area that can.
Linda Bradshaw