Pleasant Surprise

Newspaper story 12-7-14 Culpeper Star Exponent
Newspaper story 12-7-14 Culpeper Star Exponent

Last weekend I was elected the District Governor of the Ruritan’s Rapidan District. After the installation banquet, I was given some papers by the National Director assigned to the Rapidan District. Included in the papers was a press release, with the instructions to fill in the blanks, re-type it, and send it to the local newspapers with a black and white photograph of myself.

I reworded part of the press release, to provide more information about the other people that were elected to office during the convention, (but the newspaper editor seemes to have removed that information when they edited the story) and then emailed copies of it, along with a color photograph of myself, to all of the local newspapers I could think of within the Rapidan District. (Yeah, I know, I was told to send a black and white photo, but I had a feeling that the newspaper would prefer a color photograph, so I sent that instead.)

Today a friend of mine informed me with a private message on Facebook that she saw my picture on the front page of the local section of the Culpeper Star-Exponent! I have a subscription to the Sunday paper, but I hadn’t even looked at it yet!

Surprised, I stopped what I was doing, went into the kitchen and looked for today’s paper. Someone had already removed it from the plastic wrap and put the paper on the table, with the article featuring my photograph face up, in front of the chair that I usually occupy during meals. The story and photograph took up close to most of the area referred to as “below-the-fold” on the front page of the local section! That was a very interesting feeling, to see my photograph (and the story) in the newspaper! I’m not used to that kind of feeling, a mixture of embarrassment and excitement would be the closest description I can come up with! I’m not used to this kind of attention!

The story doesn’t seem to be on their online version yet, so I used my scanner to scan the story, resize and crop it to fit the parameters of this blog. The way this blog template works, the clipping is resized automatically to a smaller size. If you click on the picture, you will be taken to another page that has a larger size of the clipping that you can read.

Surprise find at the store

Inside the Milky Wave store
Inside the Milky Wave store
While my sister and I were at the Milky Wave Tie Dye store, chatting briefly with Laz before leaving (awesome shirts in hand) we were looking at the map that they have hanging on their wall. The map is full of pins from people around the world that have visited the store, and it is fun to look and see where the people have come from. It is amazing to see that they have customers from all over the world!

Above the map they have a few business cards tacked up, and my sister pointed out the business card of someone we know – Jim Kincheloe. Laz told us that he has been a customer of the store for many years! Jim is a friend of my brother William, and my hubby Michael. The three of them are in the Masons and the Shriners together. He has been the “family lawyer” for decades! Jim also happens to be a Facebook friend of mine!

I did not realize that Jim and I had Milky Wave Tie Dye in common! I wonder how long it has been since Jim has been to their store. I’m going to try to remember to tell my hubby that we saw Jim’s business card there and suggest that the next time he sees Jim that he mentions that we saw his card there. What a small, small world.