Justice Prevailed Today

Scales of justice (free clip art)
Scales of justice (free clip art)

Unfortunately we have had difficulties with one of our neighbors since almost the day we moved into our house. Difficulties that eventually forced us to put up “No trespassing” signs up around the yard, hire lawyers, and send out letters advising the neighbor that he is not welcome on our property, and to stay off of our property.

The neighbor I am writing about is a scary and dangerous man who has threatened to kill everyone in our family. He has threatened to kill us himself, and he has threatened to take out “hits” on us. He has bragged that his concealed weapon permit gives him permission to kill us if he wants to kill us.

We have gone to the police for help on more than one occasion for these threats, and the magistrate refused to do anything about it each time. The neighbor continues to violate the no trespassing orders, and we have filed trespassing complaints and gone to criminal court twice now over those violations. The first time the judge dismissed the case. This time, even though the neighbor claimed that he has never stepped on our property since we purchased it (He has been on our property a lot and caused much aggravation from his presence on our property, which is why we served him with papers to stay off the property) however, the judge found in our favor, and found the neighbor guilty of trespassing.

The neighbor was fined $400. The judge suspended $200 of it. The neighbor was sentenced to 60 days in jail, all suspended. The judge told both of us to have no contact of any kind with each other, and instructed the neighbor to stay off of our property. He warned the neighbor that if he violates the order to stay off of the property within the next two years, that he will have to pay the rest of the fine, and serve all of the jail time.

Upon arriving home, I called the Culpeper Sheriff’s Office and left a message for the officer that has been helping me with the troubles with our neighbor to please return my call. Within a few minutes, he called me and I filled him in on the verdict. He was very glad to hear that justice prevailed today, and he agreed to increase the neighborhood patrol to help keep us safer from retribution by the neighbor.

Although I am very glad that the judge found our neighbor guilty of trespassing, I have concerns that the animosity and bad feelings will now escalate into something even more ominous, with sinister results.

We already have a security system installed, and we are going to have a better one installed really soon. My hubby is a crack shot with his guns, and has a concealed weapons permit. I’ve resisted going to the gun range to learn to shoot, but maybe now is the time to give in and do it, for my protection. I have concerns that the kick-back (recoil) will hurt my hands and/or shoulder. My hubby insists that he has at least two or three guns I could learn to shoot that won’t hurt me with their recoil.

We have two very vocal, protective dogs to sound the alarm and help protect us. I don’t know, maybe we’ll buy a trained guard dog that will attack on command as well. We will have to wait and see.

If anything bad happens to us, and we all end up dead, please tell the police to look very hard at the neighbor that we are having problems with. Thank you all!

Musings on High School Graduations

graduation cap (free clip art)
graduation cap (free clip art)

I’ve only been to four high school graduations. My own, and my kids’ graduations. Up until last week, when I was invited to attend the graduation of one of my nieces. Since my last kid’s high school graduation was in 2006, I had anticipated a level of electronic advancement and sophistication that would knock my socks off!

My kid’s graduation ceremonies were held in a large college auditorium. My niece’s graduation ceremony was held outdoors, in the school’s football field.

My kid’s graduating classes were smaller than my niece’s class, so there was time for more entertainment, which included extraordinarily superb live music and videos. Scholarships and awards were handed out during the ceremonies. Apparently scholarships and awards from my niece’s school were handed out previously during a convocation ceremony. The

There were many differences between the ceremonies, which really surprised me. But there were a few common threads – the kids went up on stage to receive their diplomas, and even though the audience was requested to NOT cheer for individual students, and to hold their applause until EVERYONE got their diploma, every single graduate that walked across the stage WAS cheered by their family and friends. And, as usual, the people that were the most vocal, both in frequency and volume, sat right behind ME. Seriously, people, screaming “Boo-Ya” every 90 seconds throughout the entire ceremony was really over the top! I really wished that there had been some type of security to come and escort those people out of the stadium!

I still have a migraine, and it has been a week since it happened! I hope to never have to go to another High School Graduation ceremony again!


I Certainly Didn’t See That Coming!

I came across this journal entry earlier today, and to be perfectly honest, I had completely forgotten about this incident! After reading it again today, the memory has come back to me as fresh as if it had happened yesterday, and I want to share it with my friends now. I think it might bring you a chuckle, especially if you know my dear mother.

If my mother is reading my Facebook page, I think she will remember this, and I hope will have a good laugh right along with the rest of us! This absolutely, really, and truly happened!

Sometime in May, 2012:

My mother was bored with being pent-up in the house. She told me that she wanted to get out, and asked me to go with her somewhere – anywhere. So we went shopping at the local Wal-Mart to buy some new shoes, pick up some kitty litter, and a water bottle for the travel cage for our two new kittens.

As we were walking through the aisles, we saw a little boy grab hold of a very large ball from one of the end caps. He lost control of the ball (it was almost as big as he was!) and the ball started to bounce towards us. As we kept walking in the direction of the ball and the little boy (and his mother, who was quite annoyed with him for having grabbed the ball in the first place and his grandmother who was just watching, quite amused) I was planning to bend down, scoop up the ball and put it back into the basket on the end cap.

Ball (free clip art)
Ball (free clip art)

Much to my surprise, my mother quickened her pace and reached the ball before me. Without saying a word, she gave the ball a little kick towards the little boy. Before anyone could react, that ball was airborne!

That ball bounced off of the top of that little boy’s head and right into his mother’s arms! I sure wished that I had a video camera rolling right then! That would have been a viral YouTube video for sure! There was dead silence for just a second, then suddenly (thankfully) all of the adults started laughing like crazy.

people laughing (free clip art)
people laughing (free clip art)

Then my mother cried out “I’m so sorry (amid poorly stifled peals of laughter) I didn’t mean to hit you in the head!” The boy just looked shocked; I don’t think he knew what to do!

high five (free clip art)
high five (free clip art)

But all of the other adults that had seen it happen just kept laughing and laughing.

As we kept walking towards the family, the mother said “I’m sure he’s fine.” As we walked past the grandmother, she looked straight at us, said “good one,” held out her hand and gave my mother a high-five! I never heard a peep out of that little boy the entire time. What a riot!

This looks so much like one of my kids – but it isn’t

This morning my hubby showed me a photograph that someone sent to his phone. It looked like one of my sons riding a chicken! I asked him how in the world he did that, and he ignored my question. Eventually I heard him tell someone else that it was a picture that someone found on the Internet and sent the picture to him. The photo is not of my son at all, but boy, at first glance, it certainly does look a lot like him!

Man riding a chicken photo credit Richie Nolan
Man riding a chicken (photo credit Richie Nolan)

So I decided to go online and try to find the photograph for myself. It only took a few moments, and I found this website that talks about the photograph and how it was created by Graphic designer Richie Nolan. Apparently the photograph became an Internet sensation months ago (why am I only seeing it for the first time now, I wonder?)

Both my kids have a very strong resemblance to each other, you could guess either one if you’d like! I just think it is really funny! Especially since my kids enjoy role-playing video games, and I can just envision them riding a chicken off to battle!

Music is in our blood

Man playing bass fiddle (free clip art)
Man playing bass fiddle (free clip art)

My family comes from a very long line of musicians. My father, grandfather, great grandfather, my aunts and uncles, my cousins, my sons – all musicians. Although my sons have stopped playing music (which makes me sad….) If I had room for a piano in my house I would probably have one – I used to play the piano when I was young. Music is in our blood. My mother could sing like an angel; I loved to hear her sing when she was walking around the house, doing the chores that needed to be done.

One of my favorite memories of my musical family is the time when my father’s band was playing at the grand opening celebration of Vienna’s town office back in the early 70’s. The room was very crowded with people that were pigging out on all of the free food. My father was playing an upright bass and they had just finished their first song. The crowd did not acknowledge them in any way whatsoever. My father broke out in a wide grin and said “Let’s wait until the applause dies down before we start our next song!” There was immediate applause from the crowd! My father was awesome!