A Crafter’s Lament

Crafts (free clip art)
Crafts (free clip art)

Poem written by Linda M. Bradshaw, copyrighted November 20, 2004

When I have time, I’m at my craft;
Some folks would say I’ve gone quite daft.

“Don’t throw that out!” they hear me say,
“I’ll find a use for that some day!”

Used gift wrapping, old cookie tin,
To throw it out would be a sin!

I’ll clean it up – it’s good as new!
Embellish it, that’s what I’ll do!

Jars and lids, bags, boxes and corks
Plastic bottles, old spoons and forks.

Scraps of fabric, buttons and bows
When will I use ‘em? Heaven knows!

Fancy scissors, glue and glitter
Time and space, with glee I fritter.

Patchwork quilting, beading, quilling;
Nooks and crannies, whole rooms filling!

Paints and ribbons, needles and yarn.
To store all that, I need a barn!

Red Hatter Club Crafting with Wine Corks

Today I attended my Red Hatter Club’s monthly meeting at our “Queen’s” house. We were crafting with wine bottle corks, and I was the “leader” of the craft. Essentially that meant that I was the “main” person responsible for helping everyone understand the directions for the craft. Luckily through a group effort we had accumulated most of the supplies over the past several months, and little money was spent.

Since I’m not supposed to drive, out “Queen” came over to my house and picked me up to take me to her house. We got there several minutes before the rest of the ladies arrived, and I had time to figure out the directions for the craft before most of the people arrived. There were a couple of early birds, and they helped me to figure out the directions, and helped to pre-cut and pre-tie some of the ribbons and bows, which made things go a lot smoother.

One of the ladies brought a dessert to share called “Lemon Lush” that she got from a cookbook called “East Dessert First.” The dessert was essentially a lemon pudding with a topping that was made with cream cheese and Cool-Whip. Another lady brought in a pistachio flavored cake that was sprinkled with confectioners sugar in place of frosting. Both were delicious! We all had the chance to make several ornaments, we helped each other out from time to time, and we had a good time catching up with each other’s lives. I always have fun when we get together! After it was all over, we helped clean up, and the “Queen” drove me back home again. Next month we hope to go to the movies together, but we don’t know yet what movies will be playing. Hope we go to a comedy! I can always use a good laugh to lift my spirits!

Here are some photos of the ornaments that were made during the club meeting! Aren’t they just adorable!?

Painting memories

Hand painted backsplash tile - strawberries
Hand painted backsplash tile – strawberries

I was rummaging around the basement, looking for a few things to take to the craft and lawn sale happening next month at the Community Center. I came across a box with a few kitchen backsplash tiles in it, and it brought back some memories from when I had the leisure time to paint. I haven’t painted since the school bus accident a few years ago, it hurts to hold a paint brush, so these memories of better days when I could do my One Stroke decorative painting whenever I wanted to paint are bitter-sweet.

A few years ago my mother-in-law decided to buy some new tiles from a local home improvement store to use as a back-splash all around her kitchen. She asked me to paint strawberries on them, to coordinate with her wallpaper.

That was my very first time painting on tiles! When I gave the finished tiles to my mother-in-law, she was thrilled! It would be very easy to glue some felt and ribbons to something like that to make a pretty gift! Or to glue cork to the back of it, put a couple of coats of extra-heat resistant finish on it and use it for a coaster or trivet.

I recently heard that my mother-in-law has re-done her entire kitchen. I wonder if the tiles are still there, or if they have been replaced with something else.