What is all of this brew-ha-ha?

When I was looking through the seasonal aisle at Rite Aid yesterday I was surprised to see gift boxes of brewing supplies on the bottom shelf of the gift aisle! I was there to buy some of those holiday books of Lifesavers Candy. While there I also found some inexpensive paper gift tags that look like real ornaments that I decided to buy, and some plastic and/or metal small ornaments. I was glad to find them – I can hang on the tree this year without fear of the pets getting hurt or ruining anything of great sentimental value this year.

I don’t really understand the urge that so many people appear to have about making their own beer. Seems like a trendy thing, to be having a party at your place and then pulling out some bottles with your own special labels on them. Bottles of beer complete with descriptions about whether it is a stout, or an ale, or whatever else you can make with the brewing supplies that seem to be on the shelves of every store in America this Christmas Season.

One of the things that I was looking for this year that I could not find (but have seen there in years past) are those small cushions filled with tiny micro-beads that I need to buy. Several years ago one of my sons had bought one for me as a gift, and it is the perfect cushion for me to sleep with my left arm across it at night – having it there relieves the pressure on my shoulder. The kittens had poked holes in the one he gave me and it was leaking micro-beads out all over the place, so I put it in a larger pillow case to contain the beads that were spilling out, but I’d really like to buy a new one.