Building a business with the government’s help

There has been some controversy lately as to whether or not the government helps build businesses. I’ve been seeing a lot of people offer their opinions that business does NOT help build businesses.

Based on the business courses that I have taken in high school and in college, I would have to say that government does, in fact, help to build businesses.

Following is part of the reasons that I learned in my business classes:

Many businesses get tax breaks by the government that allow them to stay in business in a particular town. The local citizens of that town pay extra taxes to make up for that loss in tax income. Without that tax break the business would go someplace else. In addition, the government paid for the schools and the teachers salaries that taught the children to get them ready to work in the business. The government paid for the school buses to take the children to school. The government paid for the roads that customers use to get to the business. Yes, governments help to build successful businesses.