Proper Syntax will become vital

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Installment 4 in an opinion series by Linda Bradshaw about blogging and SEO

For the purposes of this discussion, I am using the word “syntax” to represent proper spelling, grammar, and sentence structure in the English language.

From my recent discussions with people in the networking groups that I go to, in association with the Fauquier Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Warrenton Chamber of Commerce I have come to understand that up until the Panda and the Penguin updates Google did not have algorithms in place to recognize syntax. “Relevant, or good syntax” basically means “does this sentence make sense?” Some advertising agencies were (and some still are) telling their clients that any and all links were good links and they were extremely happy to be able to take advantage of the willingness of desperately impoverished bloggers in underdeveloped countries to work for pennies in their desire to build back links to their web pages. At this point in time Google does not like those tactics, and as technology advances the programmers that work at Google have been able to modify their algorithm to recognize proper syntax and reward it, and recognize improper syntax and penalize it. I think that it is a pretty safe bet that will be used consistently in the future as part of their sweeping algorithm.

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Opinion disclaimer