photo of Ruritan PSA fire truck in parade

photo of Ruritan PSA fire truck in parade

Looking over the Officer’s Handbook from the Ruritan Club, I saw that there is supposed to be a Publicity Chair on the District Board. Looking at last year’s directory, I saw that there wasn’t even a listing for that chair! So I called the District Governor, and asked him if he already had someone to fill that position, and he said that he had not yet filled the spot, and did not have anyone in mind. So I volunteered to fill that spot, and he agreed. So now I am also the Publicity Chair for the Rapidan Distric! One of my first actions as Publicity Chair, was to reach out to local radio and television stations, to see if any of them are willing to run free Public Service Announcements for any of the clubs in the District.

I was extremely gratified that most of the stations contacted have agreed! One television station, a local access television station in Spotsylvania County (CVTV) even designed this great video spot, based on a script that I provided for them (from a radio spot on the National Ruritan website) and they are running it for the Ruritan Club! I am so grateful for the positive response I have had from the community!

I’ve posted a copy of the Ruritan PSA video on the unofficial website that I designed for the Rapidan District, and am providing a copy of it here as well.

Here is a copy of the PSA – what do YOU think of it?


Duct tape wallets

Duct tape wallets

As you may know, my hands were injured several years ago in a traffic accident, and the pain in my hands has made it very difficult for me to use my hands to do most of the things that I love to do. But this year I decided that I would slowly try to do some of the crafting things that I used to love to do, and even though it hurt my hands a lot, and took me a long time, it was good to do a few of my beloved crafts again.

One of the things I enjoy doing is making duct tape wallets. I made several of them this autumn, with the expectation of selling them at a Holiday Bazaar held by the Jefferson Ruritans, but at the last minute I did not attend the Bazaar. So I ended up giving most of the duct tape wallets away as Christmas gifts instead.

Another item that I made, in anticipation of selling at the Holiday Bazaar, was a lot of the “infinity scarves” that you can make out of T-shirts. I had never made any of those before, so it was a fun, new learning experience, to make them. I have to admit, though that the rotary cutter blade got dull pretty quickly, and I went through a lot of them. And, putting the kind of pressure I needed to put on the rotary cutter hurt my hands so I had to ask other people to help with the cutting from time to time. Using regular scissors was just too painful, and I could only use the rotary blade for a short time. It took a long time to get these projects done, and I took a lot of pain relief products, but it was really gratifying to be able to create with my hands – even if it was just a little bit. I ended up giving several of those away for Christmas gifts as well.

And then there were the crochet dishcloths. I made a few of them, too. But crocheting really hurt my hands, too. I did give two or three of those away, too.

Thankfully I paced myself over a long period of time, but I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to create like that again – my hands really were quite unhappy with me! And that made me realize that the chances of me going back to work at a job that requires me to use my hands a lot are slim to none. And it will probably be a very long time before I do any more crafting.

Everyone that got one of the scarves, dishcloths, or wallets was really quite pleased, so I was at least glad for that.

This morning my hubby showed me a photograph that someone sent to his phone. It looked like one of my sons riding a chicken! I asked him how in the world he did that, and he ignored my question. Eventually I heard him tell someone else that it was a picture that someone found on the Internet and sent the picture to him. The photo is not of my son at all, but boy, at first glance, it certainly does look a lot like him!

Man riding a chicken photo credit Richie Nolan

Man riding a chicken (photo credit Richie Nolan)

So I decided to go online and try to find the photograph for myself. It only took a few moments, and I found this website that talks about the photograph and how it was created by Graphic designer Richie Nolan. Apparently the photograph became an Internet sensation months ago (why am I only seeing it for the first time now, I wonder?)

Both my kids have a very strong resemblance to each other, you could guess either one if you’d like! I just think it is really funny! Especially since my kids enjoy role-playing video games, and I can just envision them riding a chicken off to battle!

A little seasonal silliness

For the most part this personal blog has shown the serious side of me, but today I decided to share with you a silly seasonal video I found a few moments ago on YouTube.

It is called Macareindeer, and it is a JibJab video. I hope it brings a smile to your face, if only for a moment. Yes, It is silly. Sometimes we all need to be silly for a while. Embrace the moment, and share the silliness.

A Change of Focus

Ruritan Flag logo

Ruritan Flag logo

In August of 2012 I joined the local Ruritan Club – the Jefferson (VA) Ruritan Club. For those of you who may not have heard of the Ruritan Club, it is a large civic organization dedicated to community service. Within the organization there are several levels of hierarchy – the first level is National, the second level is District, the third level is Zone, the fourth level is the local club.

Within the District level there is a “Cabinet” that consists of a governor, lieutenant governor, secretary, treasurer, growth and development chair, foundation & promotion chair, four zone governors, a fundraising chair, two past governors, and a national director. (I may have this mixed up a bit, but that seems to be what my book says….)

There are twenty-four clubs in the Rapidan District, one of them being the Jefferson VA Ruritan Club. Yesterday afternoon, at the Rapidan District convention business meeting in Charlottesville Virginia, I was elected the 2014 District Lieutenant Governor! During the installation banquet following the business meeting, I was installed by the 2004 Ruritan National President John L. Hancock, a very gracious man who took kindly to my teasing him that he was the first “Real John Hancock” I had ever met!

My term starts January 1, 2014. The term is one year. Typically the Lieutenant Governor serves for one year and then the next year becomes the Governor! I had the opportunity to meet the current Lieutenant Governor Alexander MacDonald, who was installed as the 2014 Governor during the same ceremony. Al is also a very gracious man, and I am looking forward to learning a lot from him.

I am humbled by the faith that the District has shown in me, and thrilled to be given the opportunity to visit the clubs in the District in the upcoming years. I hope to be able to assist all of the clubs in their continuing efforts to attract and maintain new members, find new ways to serve the community, and explore new possibilities in the area of fund-raising. I thank my husband Michael Urbanek for coming with me to the convention, sitting with me during the installation banquet, and for his pledge of support for my upcoming duties.

I am also very grateful for the numerous well-wishers that came forward immediately after the election, and those who came forward after the installation ceremony. Your kind words are deeply appreciated. I am looking forward to performing the duties of Lieutenant Governor to the best of my abilities. According to what I’ve read, and been told, I will be a very busy person over the next two years! Meetings, conferences, training sessions, and conventions – there is little chance I’ll be bored!

And from now on, when people call me “Linda-Lou” I won’t bother to say “that’s not my name.” At least from now until December 31, 2014, I’ll wear that name as a badge of honor! But I’ll be spelling it “Linda-Lieu” from now on!

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