A Plumber’s Daughter Writes About Septic Tanks and Rid-X

Yahoo (free clip art)

Yahoo (free clip art)

The following post is inspired by a question I read from a yahoo community group. The question was about whether Rid-X is a good thing to use. The person posing the question was having trouble with their toilets backing up, even though they had recently had their septic tank pumped. I decided to reply with my opinion, and then decided to share it here, thinking that maybe this will help other people with septic systems.

I am from a family of plumbers, (My step-father was a well-known local plumber, and I have a brother that is still in the business) and I have lived with septic systems since 1978. So far I have lived in three different houses with septic systems, and have had pretty good luck with them.

Setpic tank cleaning (free clip art)

Setpic tank cleaning (free clip art)

Depending on the size of your tank, and how many people you have using the bathrooms, and laundry habits, pumping a system every 2 to 5 years is a good idea.

A good septic tank cleaning service will, after pumping your tank, ask you to flush your toilets, one at a time, while they look at the tank before they close it up. They will make sure that water is flowing smoothly into the tank, at a decent rate. Sometimes things get clogged up in the pipes in a house that will prevent the flow of waste into a septic tank.

Please don't flush (free clip art)

Please don’t flush (free clip art)

Sometimes people will flush paper towels, napkins, tampons, sanitary napkins, baby wipes, even diapers and underwear down the toilet. Some people use the toilet as a way to rid themselves of spoiled food from the refrigerator that is too large to go down a kitchen drain. Some young children will flush toys, or small items such as watches, hair ornaments, ping-pong balls, etc. down the toilet. These items will often not make it all the way into the tank, will lodge inside the pipes in the house, and can be the cause of toilets backing up.

Septic killers (free clip art)

Septic killers (free clip art)

Everyone who uses the bathrooms in the house should be educated as to what should, and should not, be flushed down the toilet. A good rule of thumb should be if it is not something natural coming from a person’s body, don’t flush it! Some families don’t even flush toilet paper down the toilet, opting instead to put it in a trash can beside the toilet.

If toilet paper is to be flushed down the toilet, (and face it, most of us want to flush the toilet paper!) it should be safe for septic systems. Some brands of toilet paper are not safe for septic systems. Toilet paper that IS safe for septic systems should say, on the package “Safe for septic systems.” (To be honest, it has been years since I have looked for that notice – I use Quilted Northern and never had a problem.)

There are a lot of commercials lately advertising using moist wipes to “clean your bum” better than dry toilet paper alone. Their increased popularity has created an increase in sewage problems. Some moist wipes, like diaper cleaning wipes, clearly say they are NOT safe to flush, but people might flush them anyway. If you use a moist wipe for personal cleaning, make SURE that the package says that it is “flushable.” Consider that just because the wipe is considered “flushable” that it might not be safe for a septic system! If it is not both flushable and safe for a septic system, then play it safe and put it in the trash can instead of the toilet!

Rid-X (free clip art)

Rid-X (free clip art)

Rid-X is basically yeast, and will not hurt a septic system. A packet of bread yeast flushed down the toilet has the same effect. If you use bleach in your laundry, or if you have a garbage disposal in your kitchen and use it to grind up meat products, or scrape grease, or pour fat down your kitchen sink drain or flush it down the toilet, that kills the naturally occurring yeast in your septic system that it needs to keep running smoothly. Pipe clearing chemicals such as Drano or Liquid Plumr can also kill the yeast and bacteria you need in your septic system in order for it to function properly. The yeast in Rid-X helps to counter-act the side effects of meat, grease, fat, bleach, and pipe clearing chemicals.

Drano (free clip art)

Drano (free clip art)

I have been lucky and not had to use Drano or Liquid Plumr very often. I have used that little plumber’s snake that comes with the Liquid Plumr, though! I put hair-catching strainers in the bath-tub drains to keep them from getting clogged, and clean them after every shower. I’ll use a plumber’s snake to try to clear out the drains before using chemicals to remove clogs. I’ve lived in this house for eight years now and only had to use one of those products one time in those eight years! I’m sure that has helped to protect the health of the septic tank.

Liquid Plumr (free clip art)

Liquid Plumr (free clip art)

Personally, I have used Rid-X a few times. I think I’ve used it in this house only two or three times. If I used bleach, or pipe clearing chemicals, I would use it more frequently – probably every time I used the bleach or pipe clearing chemical! I know the box indicates that it should be used frequently – I think it says once a month. I think it is a good idea to use it, and all of the plumbers and septic tank maintenance employees I’ve spoken with endorse using it. I know it won’t hurt your system, and it might help.

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Justice Prevailed Today

Scales of justice (free clip art)

Scales of justice (free clip art)

Unfortunately we have had difficulties with one of our neighbors since almost the day we moved into our house. Difficulties that eventually forced us to put up “No trespassing” signs up around the yard, hire lawyers, and send out letters advising the neighbor that he is not welcome on our property, and to stay off of our property.

The neighbor I am writing about is a scary and dangerous man who has threatened to kill everyone in our family. He has threatened to kill us himself, and he has threatened to take out “hits” on us. He has bragged that his concealed weapon permit gives him permission to kill us if he wants to kill us.

We have gone to the police for help on more than one occasion for these threats, and the magistrate refused to do anything about it each time. The neighbor continues to violate the no trespassing orders, and we have filed trespassing complaints and gone to criminal court twice now over those violations. The first time the judge dismissed the case. This time, even though the neighbor claimed that he has never stepped on our property since we purchased it (He has been on our property a lot and caused much aggravation from his presence on our property, which is why we served him with papers to stay off the property) however, the judge found in our favor, and found the neighbor guilty of trespassing.

The neighbor was fined $400. The judge suspended $200 of it. The neighbor was sentenced to 60 days in jail, all suspended. The judge told both of us to have no contact of any kind with each other, and instructed the neighbor to stay off of our property. He warned the neighbor that if he violates the order to stay off of the property within the next two years, that he will have to pay the rest of the fine, and serve all of the jail time.

Upon arriving home, I called the Culpeper Sheriff’s Office and left a message for the officer that has been helping me with the troubles with our neighbor to please return my call. Within a few minutes, he called me and I filled him in on the verdict. He was very glad to hear that justice prevailed today, and he agreed to increase the neighborhood patrol to help keep us safer from retribution by the neighbor.

Although I am very glad that the judge found our neighbor guilty of trespassing, I have concerns that the animosity and bad feelings will now escalate into something even more ominous, with sinister results.

We already have a security system installed, and we are going to have a better one installed really soon. My hubby is a crack shot with his guns, and has a concealed weapons permit. I’ve resisted going to the gun range to learn to shoot, but maybe now is the time to give in and do it, for my protection. I have concerns that the kick-back (recoil) will hurt my hands and/or shoulder. My hubby insists that he has at least two or three guns I could learn to shoot that won’t hurt me with their recoil.

We have two very vocal, protective dogs to sound the alarm and help protect us. I don’t know, maybe we’ll buy a trained guard dog that will attack on command as well. We will have to wait and see.

If anything bad happens to us, and we all end up dead, please tell the police to look very hard at the neighbor that we are having problems with. Thank you all!

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The Aldi’s Adventure

Aldi store (free clip art)

Aldi store (free clip art)

Yesterday my sister took me into Culpeper to run a few errands. The last stop before heading home was to go to the Aldi’s store. I had only been in the store once before, several years ago, when it first opened. I remembered that the general design of the store was like a small warehouse club, and most of the brands were store brand items, which I had never heard of before. I’m always up to trying new brands, but my family is often very reluctant to try new things, so I decided at that time to not shop there.

Recently I have been hearing a lot of good things from a variety of people who are in my circle of Ruritan acquaintances and Facebook friends that they shop at Aldi’s and they love it. So, I decided to take another look when the only thing I really needed to buy in the way of groceries was a gallon of 1% milk. After all, I reasoned, it should be difficult to ruin a gallon of 1% milk!

So, off to Aldi’s as the last stop before heading home, to check it out in general, and to buy a gallon of 1% milk, to be specific.

I remembered that it cost a quarter to get a shopping cart, and I had a quarter with me, ready to go. What I had not remembered, however, was the procedure as to how to use the quarter to get the cart! There was no signage outside that we could see that gave instructions on how to use the quarter to obtain the cart, just a sign telling you spending a quarter to get the cart saves you dollars in the store.

how a quarter saves you dollars

How a quarter saves you dollars

So I approached the carts with trepidation and looked them over. On the handle of the cart, there is a little coin box to insert the quarter, and a chain that is attached to the back of that box. That chain attached that cart to the other carts stored in front of it. Seems simple enough, right? I surmised that if I inserted the quarter into the box, the chain will fall out, and I can pull out the cart and do my shopping. I expected the quarter to go all the way into the box, but it did not. The quarter only went half-way in and stopped. The chain did not fall out! What the heck?!

stuck quarter

stuck quarter

Now, I reasoned, that I have somehow got a faulty cart, and the smart thing to do was to remove that quarter from the box and insert it into the box of a different cart. Sounds simple enough, but that quarter was stuck. It would not go in any further, and would not come out! And that darn chain was still attached to the back of the cart!

So I tried to wiggle that quarter, to coax it to come out of that coin box, but it was firmly stuck. I looked at my sister, and told her “the quarter is stuck, and won’t come out!” Just then a gentleman approached, and he saw that I was struggling to remove the quarter. He asked me “are you trying to get it out?” I told him “yes.” He said “No worries, here’s a quarter.” He placed a quarter in my hand, then he simply gave the cable in the back of the coin box a tug. The cable pulled out, the cart was freed, and the man whisked that cart into the store!

My sister and I started to laugh! What had just happened? “Our” chosen cart was getting away! Granted, the man had given me a quarter, but I had struggled to get that cart, and it was heading into the store without me! Too funny!

Now that I had seen someone actually perform the required steps to obtain a cart, I took the quarter that the polite man had given me, inserted it into the coin box of a different cart, tugged the chain out of the back, and we headed into the store, still laughing. The man who had given me the quarter and taken my originally intended cart heard us laughing and turned around to see what was going on. His eyes got really big when he realized what had happened, and he exclaimed that he was so sorry – he thought that I was trying to get my quarter back because we were finished shopping! He hadn’t realized that I was trying to get the cart to start our shopping!

We laughed again, and I told him it was no big deal – I told him that it was my first time shopping there and had no idea how to get the carts. He explained he had been shopping there for years, but that it obviously didn’t make him any smarter! We all had a good laugh over that!

After all was said and done, we went about shopping, and comparison pricing. I could see that their prices seemed a bit lower than the other stores, but when it comes to comparing store brand prices to store brand prices, they were about on par with the other stores. Maybe a bit lower. Maybe.

gallon of milk (free clip art)

gallon of milk (free clip art)

I was hoping to buy 1% milk, but was surprised and disappointed to find that they don’t sell 1% milk! (Now remember, the only item I knew I wanted to get was a gallon of 1% milk!) So I purchased 2% milk instead. I also decided to buy a jar of spaghetti sauce, a couple of boxes of chicken broth, and some ground beef. I felt that the prices on those items were pretty good. Their prices on Greek yogurt was good, too, but they only had strawberry flavor in stock, which gives me heartburn, so I didn’t buy it. Their signage claimed they also had blueberry, which I would have purchased, but they were out of stock.

I was hoping to find some refrigerated, prepared, mashed potatoes (like Bob Evans) but the store manager told me that they don’t sell anything like that. That was a disappointment.

For the most part, they seemed to have most of the items I would need from a normal grocery store shopping trip, if I were happy with the taste of the store brand. We did try their All Natural meat flavored spaghetti sauce last night, and I will admit that it tasted better than the other store brands of similar type. I would buy and eat that again.

reduce reuse recycle poster (free clip art)

reduce reuse recycle poster (free clip art)

I knew that I had to provide my own bags, and that I would have to bag my own items, so I was prepared for that. Not a problem, I always try to keep an insulated shopping bag, and reusable canvas shopping bags in the trunk of the car. I try to reduce the amount of plastic shopping bags coming into the household – they are a nuisance and a pain in the neck to try to recycle properly since many local stores have stopped taking them back for recycling. I’m an advocate for reduce, re-use, and recycle. (Yes, I’m a tree-hugger!)

In a nutshell, I think I’d go there again if my family would agree to try their store brands. But it would not be a “one-stop shopping trip” which makes it less convenient, so we will have to just wait and see. Having to drive the extra distance, and stand in a cashier’s line at a second store on shopping day may not actually save me any money in the long run.

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Red Hatter Club Crafting with Wine Corks

Today I attended my Red Hatter Club’s monthly meeting at our “Queen’s” house. We were crafting with wine bottle corks, and I was the “leader” of the craft. Essentially that meant that I was the “main” person responsible for helping everyone understand the directions for the craft. Luckily through a group effort we had accumulated most of the supplies over the past several months, and little money was spent.

Since I’m not supposed to drive, out “Queen” came over to my house and picked me up to take me to her house. We got there several minutes before the rest of the ladies arrived, and I had time to figure out the directions for the craft before most of the people arrived. There were a couple of early birds, and they helped me to figure out the directions, and helped to pre-cut and pre-tie some of the ribbons and bows, which made things go a lot smoother.

One of the ladies brought a dessert to share called “Lemon Lush” that she got from a cookbook called “East Dessert First.” The dessert was essentially a lemon pudding with a topping that was made with cream cheese and Cool-Whip. Another lady brought in a pistachio flavored cake that was sprinkled with confectioners sugar in place of frosting. Both were delicious! We all had the chance to make several ornaments, we helped each other out from time to time, and we had a good time catching up with each other’s lives. I always have fun when we get together! After it was all over, we helped clean up, and the “Queen” drove me back home again. Next month we hope to go to the movies together, but we don’t know yet what movies will be playing. Hope we go to a comedy! I can always use a good laugh to lift my spirits!

Here are some photos of the ornaments that were made during the club meeting! Aren’t they just adorable!?

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Did it work?

OK, peeps, I sent in a request for help through Jetpack support, telling them that I was having issues with the Facebook Publicize. This was part of their response, telling me what the problem is, and what to do to fix it.

“In your case, Facebook is not accepting your post for publication due to the open graph errors that you mentioned on your latest blog post. These are happening because you have the All-In-One SEO plugin installed, but it isn’t setup for adding social tags.

Since Facebook doesn’t like duplicate Open Graph tags either, Jetpack automatically disables our Open Graph tags to avoid any conflict when a plugin, like All-in-One is installed. But since we aren’t providing the tags nor is All-In-One, Facebook isn’t happy.

You can resolve this by either setting up All-In-One to insert Open Graph tags or you can install this plugin to reactivate Jetpack’s: https://wordpress.org/plugins/always-use-jetpack-open-graph/

Once either of those are done, the tags should return to your site and your site should publicize to Facebook as expected, based on the debugging information on our end.”


I looked at the All-in-One plug-in settings to see if I could modify it to add social tags, but I couldn’t find anywhere that I could do that.  I’m feeling pretty stupid at this point! So, that “All-in-One” plug-in that has been so highly recommended by so many people may be the culprit!


I have installed the “Always Use Jetpack Open Graph” plug-in that the Jetpack support recommended, and activated it. I am HOPING that will take care of the issue! Once I hit “Publish” I will go to Facebook and see if it appears or not. I hope it did! Wish me luck! If it works, I’ll add a “YAY it worked” comment below the appearing post!

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