Finders keepers, Losers weepers (not)

Did you leave something behind at Wal-Mart in Warrenton VA by accident today? Go back and ask for it at the customer service desk.

Today around noon I found something left in a shopping cart at the Wal-Mart in Warrenton VA. It was left in the baby-seat part of a cart in the parking lot cart corral.

Because of the nature of the item, and the possibility of people trying to claim it that don’t rightfully own it, I am NOT posting what it was.

Normally I don’t get a cart from the cart corral in the parking lot, but today something came over me to go get a cart from the corral. The first cart I grabbed was stuck to the cart in front of it. After giving it a few tugs I gave up and pulled out the cart from the row beside it. I immediately noticed that there was something in the baby seat that did not belong there.

I turned it into the customer service desk inside the Wal-Mart and made sure that at least the customer service manager in addition to the clerk at the desk knew I was turning it in. Hopefully the rightful owner will be able to get it back. I did NOT see any ID on the item, so I assume you will have to do something to prove it belongs to you.

So….if you (or someone in your family) went shopping at Wal-Mart in Warrenton VA today and left something behind, go back and ask at the customer service desk. The clerk’s name that I turned it into was Amanda.

Good luck

Blue orchids

Blue orchids
Blue orchids

For most of my life blue has been one of my favorite colors. I also like pink and purple a lot, but generally speaking when given a choice between primary colors, I gravitate towards blue. So when I went shopping at Wal-Mart a couple of days ago I was very attracted to some bright cobalt blue orchids that were on display in the Garden department.

Normally I do not enter Wal-Mart through the Garden department entrance, but that day my husband had parked the car in front of that entrance. I don’t know why, but he did. At first I was going to stay in the car and wait for him, as I was tired, but then I realized that we needed some bananas and some bread, and milk, so I decided to go ahead and get out of the car and go inside and buy them.

So I walked into the store with my husband, and parted ways after we stopped to admire the blue orchids. I simply fell in love with them. I have not owned any orchids for about the past thirty years, and I missed having an orchid plant. I had not purchased any for a variety of reasons. Frugality was a primary one, but also a reluctance to buy another plant that would require watering and tending. I have not been very good about taking the proper care of my plants for a long while now. I have several plants, but they are surviving in spite of me, not because of me!

Well, the blue color simply demanded that I purchase¬†the plant. It was twenty dollars, and I was reluctant to spend the money, but I was “in a mood” and splurged on the plant after all.

When I got home and was reading the tag that came with the plant I discovered that the blue color was a result of a color-infusion process, and although the orchid will re-bloom in the future (assuming I don’t kill it) when it DOES re-bloom¬†it will not be blue – it will likely be white.

That was a disappointment, but the plant is still holding the blossoms quite well and is very pretty. I only have to water it once a week, which is good. So far the pets have left it alone, which was a very pleasant surprise! I wonder how long it will last.

Just say NO

Today my sister and I ran errands in town. I had a Staples gift card and a coupon for twenty percent off any item and I needed a new laptop briefcase. My old one had been was given to me as a gift somewhere in the area of 1990. That bag had been used a lot. I took it with me to college classes, I took it with me to work. I used it for a laptop briefcase (even though it had no padding at all) for several years. That bag was a real trooper – definitely had gotten our money’s worth from it!

But, the zipper had broken, and so it was finally time to retire that bag and get a new one. And so, the trip to Staples, gift card in hand. Any other day I probably would have bought a plain, boring, black case. But this time, I don’t know why, exactly, I decided to buy the most outrageously brightly colored neon pink and orange color block laptop case that they had! My reasoning? Well, chances of my son or husband borrowing that case are slim to none. Not to be selfish, but, it would be nice to have something of my own that the rest of the family doesn’t borrow all the time! And they DO have their own laptop bags! But even MORE important, in my mind, was that if I were in a public WiFi location with my laptop stashed inside this bright pink and orange bag, it would be just a bit more of a challenge for a thief to nonchalantly slip out the door unnoticed, with an unobtrusive black briefcase that looks just like everyone else’s.

When my sister and I were at the checkout counter at Staples, we saw one of their Easy buttons. I don’t know what came over me, but I just had to announce to everyone that was within hearing distance “I said NO!” And then I pushed (or more accurately, slapped) that Easy button. Of course, it replied “That was easy!” My sister, the cashier, and I all laughed, and I said that I have to buy one of those and put it beside my computer at home. Whenever anyone pokes their head into the room I am just going to say “NO” and hit that button. And for good measure I hit that button a few times, saying “no” each time. It was oddly therapeutic! I suggest everyone gets one of those, takes it home, and practices saying “NO” and hitting that button, over and over and over. You just might feel a lot better!

Surprise find at the store

Inside the Milky Wave store
Inside the Milky Wave store
While my sister and I were at the Milky Wave Tie Dye store, chatting briefly with Laz before leaving (awesome shirts in hand) we were looking at the map that they have hanging on their wall. The map is full of pins from people around the world that have visited the store, and it is fun to look and see where the people have come from. It is amazing to see that they have customers from all over the world!

Above the map they have a few business cards tacked up, and my sister pointed out the business card of someone we know – Jim Kincheloe. Laz told us that he has been a customer of the store for many years! Jim is a friend of my brother William, and my hubby Michael. The three of them are in the Masons and the Shriners together. He has been the “family lawyer” for decades! Jim also happens to be a Facebook friend of mine!

I did not realize that Jim and I had Milky Wave Tie Dye in common! I wonder how long it has been since Jim has been to their store. I’m going to try to remember to tell my hubby that we saw Jim’s business card there and suggest that the next time he sees Jim that he mentions that we saw his card there. What a small, small world.

Today was a good day to “Ride the Milky Wave”

As some of you may be aware, I am a big fan of tie dye. I love how it allows me to feel like a free spirit. I’ve never been the type of person who wants to wear what everyone else is wearing, and when I go to visit my friends at Milky Wave Tie Dye, I KNOW that whatever I bring home from that store is a true one-of-a kind. Each piece of tie dye in that store has been hand-dyed by Laz, or Jess, or their son Nikko. There might be (although I doubt it) some items in the store still that were dyed by my good, dear friend Helen. Every item there is a true work of art.

stained glass tie-dye t-shirt
stained glass tie-dye t shirt

A couple of days ago I saw that Jess (or Laz) posted on the Facebook page some photos of an awesome shirt that was freshly made, and in the store. They call the pattern “Stained Glass.” I commented on their Facebook page that I MUST have one! As soon as I could get a ride down to the store, I was there, looking through their hundreds of shirts, on the hunt for the shirt I wanted. (Thanks to my sister for the ride!)

It took a while to find it, as they have so many gorgeous tie-dye shirts, (and not just T-shirts, they have polo shirts, dress shirts, sleeveless shirts, spaghetti strap shirts…) dresses, wall-hangings (and so much more stuff than I could even list in one post) just screaming “look at me” and “buy me now” but I found it! I wasn’t sure what size I needed, but they had different sizes, so I took the two I suspected would fit into their dressing room and tried both of them on. I was very happy that one of them “fit me to a ‘T’.”

We had brought my sister’s grand-daughter (little three-year old sweetie pie) with us, and we also picked out a cute pink and purple electric ball design t-shirt for her to take home and wear. (Darn I wish I had taken a photo of her wearing that before she went home, but she left while I was napping….)

The store was fairly busy today, so there was no real time to chat and visit with Laz, but that was OK, since we had other errands to run.

All in all, the shopping mission to the Milky Wave Tie Dye store was a success. Thank you Laz, for the awesome shirt!