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Easter Crafting

Decoupage Easter Eggs

Decoupage Easter Eggs

I don’t know what it is about spring that excites me about crafting with an Easter theme. I’ve never, ever, liked the smell of vinegar, so I have always hated the traditional Easter egg decorating.

Memories of my loving grandparents trying to get my siblings and me excited about dipping hard-boiled eggs into those little bowls of dye that smelled like vinegar make me cringe. They were kind, and patient, but I was not. After all, I did not like the smell of vinegar, and I did not like eating hard-boiled eggs.

Just the thought of eating something that I didn’t like in the first place, after ruining the pieces of art I was creating after suffering the offensive vinegar smell was just horrific to me! I’m sorry to admit that I was probably a pain in the neck during those times of decorating those Easter eggs!

But I guess that with the eruption of spring flowers, the urge to create spring-related, and Easter-related things gets to me. I try hard to resist, but now and then I succumb to the urge.

A few years ago I was watching a crafting television show on HGTV, and one of the topics was decoupaging Easter eggs. The show inspired me to try my hand at decoupage, and I had all of the supplies that I needed – some old plastic Easter Eggs, some glue, and some pretty, floral wrapping paper. The photo at the top of this page is a sample of some of the results, and I have to admit that I was pleased enough that these are displayed in a glass case all year-long in the foyer of my home.

I just found a YouTube video that demonstrates a similar technique to do what I did, although it is not exactly the same. I’ll admit that I really like the idea of decoupaging the half-eggs, and then filling the eggs with something special, but that is not what I had done. I simply decoupaged the entire egg so that it will never open. I am feeling inspired, though, to do what this video is demonstrating! And adding ribbons around the outside of the egg certainly makes it egg-stra special (pun intended.) I’m just not sure when I’ll have the time to actually DO this.

I will consider taking advantage of the after-Easter clearance sales to pick up some plastic eggs and put them in my craft-room storage closet for when I WILL have time, on a day when my hands don’t hurt too much to take on a crafting project.

This morning my hubby showed me a photograph that someone sent to his phone. It looked like one of my sons riding a chicken! I asked him how in the world he did that, and he ignored my question. Eventually I heard him tell someone else that it was a picture that someone found on the Internet and sent the picture to him. The photo is not of my son at all, but boy, at first glance, it certainly does look a lot like him!

Man riding a chicken photo credit Richie Nolan

Man riding a chicken (photo credit Richie Nolan)

So I decided to go online and try to find the photograph for myself. It only took a few moments, and I found this website that talks about the photograph and how it was created by Graphic designer Richie Nolan. Apparently the photograph became an Internet sensation months ago (why am I only seeing it for the first time now, I wonder?)

Both my kids have a very strong resemblance to each other, you could guess either one if you’d like! I just think it is really funny! Especially since my kids enjoy role-playing video games, and I can just envision them riding a chicken off to battle!

Ode to Joy from Beethoven’s 9th symphony

And now for a moment of culture…. a flashmob performing “Ode to Joy” from Beethoven’s 9th symphony. Enjoy!

Things not to say to your wife

Earlier today I was repairing some broken links on one of my blogs. One of the broken links was for a YouTube video from Jim Stafford’s song “Spiders and Snakes.” While I was trying to find a working video to use to replace the broken link I came across this funny video titled “Things not to say to your wife.” Well, I just had to listen to it, and it made me laugh. I thought I’d share it here, hoping it might bring a smile to the face of anyone who might stumble across my blog and give a lookie-loo. I hope you enjoy it!

Fruit trifle

Fruit trifle

Fruit trifle

Many years ago I found a beautiful recipe for a fruit trifle for a crowd. The recipe says that it feeds twenty-four people. I have shared the recipe with my family and friends, and we often enjoy the fruit trifle during the summer when we have large family gatherings. However it has been a couple of years since we have enjoyed a large family summer gathering, and I simply cannot justify making the fruit trifle for my small nuclear family!

So when I learned that the Jefferson Ruritans were holding a “picnic” where a “crowd” might appear, I decided to fix my beautiful fruit trifle.

I volunteered to be on the decorating committee, and was given the honorary title of “chair” of the picnic committee. Although the actual planning of the picnic was mostly done by the club president, I managed to have some creative freedom in the decorations – to a point. Although the picnic was going to be indoors, I was adamant that it be as picnic-like as possible, so I bought some of the mesh food tents that are used at picnics to keep the bugs off of the food, and with the help of my sister Lori, we “planted” several plastic “ants” on the food tents to try to give the picnic some authenticity.

The picnic was last night. The trifle was a big hit – this was the first time I’ve ever fixed the recipe and ended up with a completely empty bowl at the end of the meal! I did get one request for the recipe (it’s already been emailed out!) Doesn’t the photo make the trifle look amazing? And how do you like those plastic ants on the food tents! When the club president saw the ants, she thought they were real bugs and she tried to brush one of the ants off of the table! Didn’t I laugh!

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