Transform Yourself in Just Three Easy Steps

Makeover (free clip art)
Makeover (free clip art)

Guest post by my friend Marilyn Mueller

Wow, I can’t believe this year is almost over. Now is the time for a bit of reflection on what I have accomplished in the last year. I have accomplished being regular at the gymfor the last eight months. I’m proud of myself for planning ahead and sticking to a workout schedule. I have enjoyed weight training. It truly shapes a woman’s body without making you bulk up.

It’s time I reward myself for my hard work at the gym. Just the other day I looked at myself in the mirror and had the sudden realization that I was looking at a whole new person inside and out. I no longer see that girl who stood in her own way. It’s time I transform my outward appearance to match my new body and improved self-esteem.

After some research I have determined that transformation can happen in three easy, yet sometimes psychologically painful, ways. These steps consist of changing your hair,makeup, and wardrobe. For many years I have played it safe in all three areas.

My current wardrobe style consists of, what some might call, a uniform of black slacks and a solid colored top that I wear to work. In my defense, black is slimming. My hair is so long I typically wear it up and out of my face. I have an assortment of hair ties and clips.

While I am sure many of you have heard of the five minute face, I have engineered a very quick three minute face routine. It consists of moisturizer, eyeliner, lip gloss and mascara.To get started in my wardrobe transformation I perused a few department store websites. I chose department stores because of the mix of trendy and classic clothes.

I found Macy’s to have a wonderful assortment of both trendy and classic pieces that I can put in with my existing wardrobe without breaking the bank by starting brand new. To improve my makeup and hair routine I sought out experts.

I found that Ulta is the one stop shop for my new beauty look. Parting with my long locks won’t be easy, I’m sure the salon experts at Ulta can help me get past that. They also have a Skin bar where I can get a facial. I can’t wait to see what they can do with my eye brows at the Brow Bar.

I’m in for quite the transformation. Some time while I am in there I will also be getting some makeup so I can spend more time experimenting with my make up to enhance my features. My appointment is next week and I will be taking before and after photos. I’m so excited that it will take just two retailers to transform me from head to toe in three easy steps. Alas, I will be putting an end to this physical rut I have been in