Just say NO

Today my sister and I ran errands in town. I had a Staples gift card and a coupon for twenty percent off any item and I needed a new laptop briefcase. My old one had been was given to me as a gift somewhere in the area of 1990. That bag had been used a lot. I took it with me to college classes, I took it with me to work. I used it for a laptop briefcase (even though it had no padding at all) for several years. That bag was a real trooper – definitely had gotten our money’s worth from it!

But, the zipper had broken, and so it was finally time to retire that bag and get a new one. And so, the trip to Staples, gift card in hand. Any other day I probably would have bought a plain, boring, black case. But this time, I don’t know why, exactly, I decided to buy the most outrageously brightly colored neon pink and orange color block laptop case that they had! My reasoning? Well, chances of my son or husband borrowing that case are slim to none. Not to be selfish, but, it would be nice to have something of my own that the rest of the family doesn’t borrow all the time! And they DO have their own laptop bags! But even MORE important, in my mind, was that if I were in a public WiFi location with my laptop stashed inside this bright pink and orange bag, it would be just a bit more of a challenge for a thief to nonchalantly slip out the door unnoticed, with an unobtrusive black briefcase that looks just like everyone else’s.

When my sister and I were at the checkout counter at Staples, we saw one of their Easy buttons. I don’t know what came over me, but I just had to announce to everyone that was within hearing distance “I said NO!” And then I pushed (or more accurately, slapped) that Easy button. Of course, it replied “That was easy!” My sister, the cashier, and I all laughed, and I said that I have to buy one of those and put it beside my computer at home. Whenever anyone pokes their head into the room I am just going to say “NO” and hit that button. And for good measure I hit that button a few times, saying “no” each time. It was oddly therapeutic! I suggest everyone gets one of those, takes it home, and practices saying “NO” and hitting that button, over and over and over. You just might feel a lot better!

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