Today was a good day to “Ride the Milky Wave”

As some of you may be aware, I am a big fan of tie dye. I love how it allows me to feel like a free spirit. I’ve never been the type of person who wants to wear what everyone else is wearing, and when I go to visit my friends at Milky Wave Tie Dye, I KNOW that whatever I bring home from that store is a true one-of-a kind. Each piece of tie dye in that store has been hand-dyed by Laz, or Jess, or their son Nikko. There might be (although I doubt it) some items in the store still that were dyed by my good, dear friend Helen. Every item there is a true work of art.

stained glass tie-dye t-shirt
stained glass tie-dye t shirt

A couple of days ago I saw that Jess (or Laz) posted on the Facebook page some photos of an awesome shirt that was freshly made, and in the store. They call the pattern “Stained Glass.” I commented on their Facebook page that I MUST have one! As soon as I could get a ride down to the store, I was there, looking through their hundreds of shirts, on the hunt for the shirt I wanted. (Thanks to my sister for the ride!)

It took a while to find it, as they have so many gorgeous tie-dye shirts, (and not just T-shirts, they have polo shirts, dress shirts, sleeveless shirts, spaghetti strap shirts…) dresses, wall-hangings (and so much more stuff than I could even list in one post) just screaming “look at me” and “buy me now” but I found it! I wasn’t sure what size I needed, but they had different sizes, so I took the two I suspected would fit into their dressing room and tried both of them on. I was very happy that one of them “fit me to a ‘T’.”

We had brought my sister’s grand-daughter (little three-year old sweetie pie) with us, and we also picked out a cute pink and purple electric ball design t-shirt for her to take home and wear. (Darn I wish I had taken a photo of her wearing that before she went home, but she left while I was napping….)

The store was fairly busy today, so there was no real time to chat and visit with Laz, but that was OK, since we had other errands to run.

All in all, the shopping mission to the Milky Wave Tie Dye store was a success. Thank you Laz, for the awesome shirt!