My DIY recycled blue jean valance

blue jean valance
blue jean valance

When I first moved into this house I was on a very tight budget. I simply did not have any money to spare to buy many of the things that I would have liked to have. Not long after moving here I was faced with the need to come up with an acceptable window treatment for the studio before the big extended family dinner that I was asked to throw. Being the eternal pack-rat, I mentally mulled over my “save for later” treasures. What could I make with what I had on hand?

As I was unpacking and organizing my gone-away-to-college son’s room, I came across a lot of hand-me-down blue jeans that he had not taken to college. Realizing that he had not ever worn them (because they were not the “cool” brand name) and that he may never wear them (again the “cool” brand name issue) I called him to ask him if he wanted me to put them away in the dresser in his room, or if he wanted me to get rid of them. His reply – “I’ll never wear them Mom, get rid of them.”

Well, a few hours later my window treatment was up and lookin’ good! I get a lot of compliments on the results (even now, six years later!)

A year later when my son said “Mom, I’ve changed my mind about those jeans, wearing “brand name” clothes is “out” and wearing “generic brand” is “in” and I’m having a hard time finding jeans that fit me, well, sorry son, you had your chance!