The future of SEO – to be, or not to be?

Hamlet (free clip art)
Hamlet (free clip art)

Over the past several weeks I have been reading on a lot of self-proclaimed SEO and SERP people’s websites and I get the distinct impression that the future of SEO and SERP is going to be largely dependent on social interaction between the website and its readers. I have also gotten the distinct impression that the “blogroll” links that many blogs have will not be given any weight in the foreseeable future Google indexing algorithms.

So, what does that mean to me? First of all, I think that it means that a website should have an associated Facebook page. This is going to become more important down the road. Also Google Places, Google +1, and any other Google social thing has going on. After all, I think it only makes sense that Google is going to be favoring their products over any other. I think that it means that I might as well remove my blogroll widgets. All they are doing is taking up space on the blog. If a blog is a mature blog, that blogroll takes up valuable “real estate” (space) that would be better put to good use by putting in a tag cloud or a Facebook widget that displays an associated Facebook page or other Social Media product in use.

Additionally, it suggests to me that it would probably be a very good thing for businesses to incorporate a blog into their website. The blog would be a good place to dole out tips and perhaps run opinion polls. I think that in the spirit of showing “social interaction” that it would be appropriate for the blog to have comments enabled. When Google does its future indexing, if their robotic spiders find comments on the website I suspect that would make the Google spiders very happy. And I don’t know about you, but I want happy spiders, don’t you?

happy spider (free clip art)
happy spider (free clip art)

5 thoughts on “The future of SEO – to be, or not to be?”

  1. I agree that social interaction seems to be the way things are going. I am just now creating Facebook pages for my blogs, something I didn’t think I would ever need!

  2. Wow. The farther into this website business I get, the more complicated it seems to become, and the more I find out I don’t know but need to know soon. I’m starting to think getting that Facebook page for my blog was the best thing I could’ve done. And yes, happy spiders are always good, unless they’re in your bedroom staring at you with all those creepy eyes and legs like they own the place.

  3. wow your captcha really hated me LOL

    Google Authorship is set to be the next big thing in Google determining how important you and your blog are, it’s a good idea to get to work on it soon as it’s not a simple process, and Google is under no obligation to implement it evn if you get everything set up correctly.

    It just goes further to justify my conspiracy theory on Google penalizing the little people to get more revenue from adwords – if you cant get traffic from search engines, the next step is PPC advertising!

  4. I love those Happy Spiders!!! So many changes are coming to Google, and I know a lot of Bloggers are rushing to get things up to par. I know I am. Hopefully the changes come gradually and we just don’t get bombarded with them. Thanks for your thoughts on this, now I’m going to check out my valuable space and see what I can do with out.

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