Rising to the challenge

For the past 4 3/4 years I have been writing as a part-time job. I am a blogger and copy writer. (A copy writer is a person that writes “copy” such as a printed advertisement for a newspaper, magazine, web page.) As such I write about a lot of different products and services. I help their websites be found on the first website of Search Engine Results for their keywords (an example would be “Scentsy Warrenton VA or Mary Kay Warrenton VA or Amway Warrenton.) I have been working with several large advertising agencies across the country as an independent contractor to write copy for their clients.

A few months ago my doctor gave me some challenging news – he told me that I should not drive a car any more. (I won’t bore you with details.) That was when I decided to start writing full-time from home. I decided to expand my services to include local businesses. I have been joining Chambers of Commerce and attending networking meetings when I can get someone to drive me there. I have been telling the local businesses that I am one of the Internet’s “best kept and most valuable secrets” and that I can help them to market their web page, which WILL increase their public exposure and through that method will increase their sales.