Their law office is closing

There was a message on my home phone answering machine that the law office of Wesley Marshall had called and that they wanted me to call them back to tell them if and when I will come to the office to pick up my case records. The message said that if I did not come pick them up by the end of July that they would be destroyed. The letter they had sent me last week said that they would hold on to them until the end of August, so I am wondering why the date change!

Calling them back, I spoke with their paralegal and asked them what was going on with the office – I had tried to look up their website and it was being redirected to a different law office in a different city.

The paralegal told me that Wesley Marshall had been appointed to sit on the bench of the Commission and that the lawyer that had worked my case, Joel Young was going to work for a different firm. The entire office was closing at the end of the month.

So now I do not know where that leaves me in my quest for getting Worker’s Compensation to reimburse me for the medical expenses that they were ordered to pay but have refused to pay. What a mess!