SEO Hitler and hats

Installment 1 of an opinion series by Linda Bradshaw about SEO and blogging

Adolf Hitler free clip art image
Adolf Hitler free clip art image

One of my favorite classes in college was sociology – the study of society. I like to think that we, as bloggers, are members of a fairly new society. One definition of a society I recently found online is: “An organization or association of persons engaged in a common profession, activity, or interest.”

Much like any society, each group within that society tends to prefer the company of other people in the same group. Sometimes people find themselves in one group or the other without even realizing that they have choices that they can make to change from one group to another. Rather like “gang” activity on the city streets. If you are born in one area, you are surrounded by the “Purple” gang and if you join a gang, it will be the “Purple” gang, and if you know what is good for you then you will not even talk to a member of a different gang. Now I’m not implying that bloggers are gang bangers, but I think you get the idea of what I’m trying to say! Peer pressure may prevent people from changing to a different group, and fear of rejection from the other group may prevent people from even trying to change membership from one group to another.

Members of one group, in some cases, may feel themselves to be superior to others in different groups, and they may even strongly dislike and/or distrust the other groups. They may even blame their troubles on the other group. This is called “scapegoating” and it is a normal and completely natural way that societies work. The “benefit” of “scapegoating” is that it builds cohesion within the group so that they will put aside their own personal and petty grievances with each other and work together in their desire to focus their negative energy onto the “scapegoat” of the moment.

I’m not saying that is a good thing, but it exists and it can be manipulated by people with great leadership skills. It can be a great motivator for change. That change can be good, or it can be evil. This, for better or for worse, is one of the ways that society works.
The perfect example of this would be how Hitler manipulated the German people into doing terrible things to each other.

Somewhere, sometime, in a universe far, far away, self-proclaimed SEO experts decided to separate SEO techniques into three groups and call them “White Hat” (Google loves) “Black Hat” (Google hates.) and “Gray Hat” (Google suspects but hasn’t proved it to be evil yet.) There is a web page that I just found and decided to share for this article that discusses the definitions and differences of the three SEO Hats. As for me, well, I’m a member of the Ladies Red Hat Society, so I’m just a little bit crazy and try to make the best of any situation I find myself in.

red hat free clip art
red hat free clip art

(There, now do you see how I got Hitler into a discussion about SEO and hats? I warned you, I’m a little bit crazy! And I am wondering if by putting both of those words in the title of my post I might get some strange search results!)

Opinion disclaimer
Opinion disclaimer

My retirement poem from Rite Aid

I worked at Rite Aid as a Pharmacy Technician for a couple of years. One of the reasons that I became a pharmacy technician was because I was given the impression that I would get paid enough money to make it worth my while. (Wrong!)

When I started to work there I had been promised better pay raises (which never happened) and there came a time when I could make more money staying home than going to work. And then there was the fact that the newest pharmacist acted like a bully, and I decided that there was no reason in the world for me to go to work to be bullied if I could stay home and make more money selling life insurance and not be bullied. There were a lot of incidents, but the final straw was the day that he told me that I could not use the bathroom or get a drink of water unless it was my break.

That was the day I turned in my resignation! Sorry, boss, you don’t tell an American female employee that she can’t go to the bathroom unless it is her break! I did not walk off the job that day, I turned in a two week’s notice. If I could have arranged to stay there and work only the days that the “nice” pharmacist worked I would probably still be there.

I know that during my brief tenure there, I brought in many customers, and the sales increased substantially. It’s amazing what a difference a smiling face makes, you know what I mean?

I loved most of the customers, (and I miss most of them too) and I hope that I made their days a bit brighter when they came in to pick up their order. I miss some of the co-workers, too. I stopped working there June 16, 2011. On my last day of work, I read this self-composed poem aloud to the co-workers that were working with me.

My Retirement Poem

I’ve worked hard and that’s for sure
My motives always have been pure
Many customers I could lure
To this place to seek their cure

My smiling face they’d come to see
A joke, a song, a laugh for free
A friendly call “how do you be?”
Many became friends to me

Grow the business I would try
One more item would they buy
Would not let their children cry
Lollipops would dry their eye

Conversations short and long
Belting out a silly song
Helping others to stay strong
Roll my eyes when boss is wrong

Count the pills, take out the trash
Taking in the customer’s cash
Looking at a baby’s rash
Wearing earrings oh so brash

I’ve worked here now too many years
Calming down the patient’s fears
Greeting victories with my cheers
Ignoring the old geezer’s leers

For me to leave, this is the day
But not before I’ve had my say
My youth is gone my hair is gray
Finally my turn to play

Retirement has come to pass
Finally to this long-haired lass
So put some bubbly in my glass
Bend your knees and kiss my ass!

Building a business with the government’s help

There has been some controversy lately as to whether or not the government helps build businesses. I’ve been seeing a lot of people offer their opinions that business does NOT help build businesses.

Based on the business courses that I have taken in high school and in college, I would have to say that government does, in fact, help to build businesses.

Following is part of the reasons that I learned in my business classes:

Many businesses get tax breaks by the government that allow them to stay in business in a particular town. The local citizens of that town pay extra taxes to make up for that loss in tax income. Without that tax break the business would go someplace else. In addition, the government paid for the schools and the teachers salaries that taught the children to get them ready to work in the business. The government paid for the school buses to take the children to school. The government paid for the roads that customers use to get to the business. Yes, governments help to build successful businesses.

Their law office is closing

There was a message on my home phone answering machine that the law office of Wesley Marshall had called and that they wanted me to call them back to tell them if and when I will come to the office to pick up my case records. The message said that if I did not come pick them up by the end of July that they would be destroyed. The letter they had sent me last week said that they would hold on to them until the end of August, so I am wondering why the date change!

Calling them back, I spoke with their paralegal and asked them what was going on with the office – I had tried to look up their website and it was being redirected to a different law office in a different city.

The paralegal told me that Wesley Marshall had been appointed to sit on the bench of the Commission and that the lawyer that had worked my case, Joel Young was going to work for a different firm. The entire office was closing at the end of the month.

So now I do not know where that leaves me in my quest for getting Worker’s Compensation to reimburse me for the medical expenses that they were ordered to pay but have refused to pay. What a mess!